Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gay Priests? God Forbid!

One would think that celibacy is celibacy, regardless of sexual orientation, that not having sex means just not having sex, regardless of which sort of sex one is not having.

But no. The Vatican now forbids gay male seminarians.

The Vatican is toughening its stand against gay candidates for the priesthood, specifying in a new document that even men with "transitory" homosexual tendencies must overcome their urges for at least three years before entering the clergy.

A long-awaited "Instruction," due to be released next week, was posted Tuesday on the Internet by the Italian Catholic news agency Adista. A church official who has read the document confirmed its authenticity; he asked that his name not be used because the piece has not been published by the Vatican.

Conservative Roman Catholics who have decried the "gay subculture" in seminaries will likely applaud the policy because it clarifies what the Vatican expects of seminarians and their administrators.

Disallowing pedophiles from the priesthood would have been more to the point, would it not?


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