Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bubble Boy and His Very Own $25K Luncheon Buddy

Oh my. Who's this? Is it JimmyJeff GuckertGannon?

No? Is it someone else who came to dinner?

Not dinner? Lunch? I mean, someone else who came for lunch? Lunches? Lotsa lunches?

Why, it's Mr. Jackie "TaintBoy" Abramoff! Wow-ee! Don't we just LOVE Blogtopia*?

OK, then. So there.

No Blood for Hubris will be doing light-blogging for a while, due to combination of blogging-related tendinitis and puppy-related puppitude. Tomorrow, we will publish a charming letter No Blood for Hubris just received to day from one Ms. Louise Giles of the National Security Agency, Central Security Service. In short, they want me to furnish them with "the grounds upon which you believe this Agency maintains records on you."

Umm. Gee. I dunno. Because I'm an American citizen? Because I consort with Buddhists and Quakers and Greenpeace, oh my? Because I call Bubble Boy "Preznit Toad-Exploder"? Because I blog on human rights? Because I think the country is being run by a merry band of sadists, a whole cabal of same, in fact?

You choose, Louise. You choose.



Libby said...

Feel better soon. Can't wait for the letter.

enigma4ever said...

Are you serious about Louise ? lordy....
Now I hope you are okay ....take all the time you need we will be here when you need...or when you get back...

( I don't understand the puppy part...)

enigma4ever said...

now if you really have to write a letter..I am one of those Awful people that you "consorted" with,and we all know I am on all kinds of lists...hope I didn't cause you trouble...