Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Spring. Must Be Time for Bubble Boy's Bloody Iraq Civil War.

Bubble Boy said it couldn't be done. Bubble Boy said he knew best, and civil war just wouldn't happen. He still says it. Big Dick said the whole thing was in its "last throes." However, sadly,it is the gentleman in the picture above who is in his last throes, along with increasing numbers of his countrymen. Shia killing Sunni, and Sunni killing Shia.
From Healing Iraq,, an Iraqi blog.
Someone shouts: "Drag the Wahhabi," while another describes him as a "bastard." They pause a moment to search for a wire, then they dump him on the side of the road. Another militiaman suggests they bury him. "What do you mean bury him?" the gang leader snaps back with indignation. "Leave him here to the dogs." Then they joke about his underwear and cover the corpse with a cardboard.

Note that life looks absolutely normal in the surroundings. You can see children running about, stores open, religious holiday flags and even a traffic jam. Perhaps Ralph Peters will happen to drive by with an American army patrol and enjoy the scene of children cheering for the troops, while wondering where his civil war is, dude.

Meanwhile, the rising young Shi’ite cleric Yassir Al-Habib, like most of his Islamic counterparts, is just learning how to soar himself to stardom and popularity: by calling for more death and mayhem. Our friend laments the fact that the government has failed to protect the Askari shrine and the cellar of the Imam Al-Mahdi, which he believes is of higher standing with Allah than Jerusalem.

His solution? "Let's send an army of the faithful to liberate Samarra and cleanse it from the rotten Nawasib" (a derogatory term used by fundamental Shia to describe Sunnis, very much like the Rafidha or 'rejectionist' stigma used by some Sunnis when they refer to Shia. Nawasib literally means 'those who set themselves against the household of the prophet.') On second thought, let's cleanse all of Iraq from those infidel scum. He goes on to say that we should destroy all their filthy mosques. We are able to if we are just given the chance. Let's just have another holy war.

Preznit Toad-Exploder, he who tortured and killed innocent sentient beings in his youth, is carrying on this youthful tradition in adulthood. Through his arrogance and through pure spite, he decided to start a big fat war--so he could be a War Preznit. So he could finally show up his Father.

But Father knew best. And now Bubble Boy's not just a War Preznit, but a Defeat Preznit. Not merely defeated in war, but defeated at home, having sunk his own country into moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

Way to go, Bubble Boy. Do you sleep at night? If so, how? Why should you?

Hat tip to DC Tom.


stevenwarran said...

Hi-- What's the difference between bubble boy and monkey boy? Both make me think of his ears.
Sorry to bother but i'm new.

Here's a link to a blog I did today:

And...bother again, but aren't existentialists always recovering, not recovered? I mean, it's not Catholicism. Best Regrads, Steven W.

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