Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's Spring. Must Be Time to Shoot/Club Some Baby Seals. So Where's Cheney?

Canada hunters start killing seals, tempers flare
OFF CANADA'S EAST COAST (Reuters) - Canadian hunters started shooting and clubbing harp seal pups on Saturday at the start of an annual hunt that is the focus of a tech-savvy protest by animal rights groups. This year, 325,000 young seals will be killed on the ice floes off the East Coast where the animals gather.

Unusually warm weather means the floes are a fraction of their normal size and thickness, prompting hunters to kill the seals individually rather than clubbing them to death en masse as they cluster on the ice in pools of blood.
More here. Also,revisit "Cheney's Canned Hunts: Killing for Fun."


Neil Shakespeare said...

Jesus...what lovely people.

CTB said...

I know it an emotional reaction, but I just hate this and it is cruel and barbaric to me. Yes, I know people do all sorts of horrible things to animals but it is just not right or necessary.

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