Wednesday, March 15, 2006

While We're On the Subject of Hurting Others

The "Reverend" James Dobson beats his own dachshund and recommends whipping toddlers. With real whips. Does that work for you?

(Extra credit: what's the name of the Dachshund Dobson proudly beat? For what crime was the puppy beaten?)

Here's what happens to an unwanted, unloved infant. More here. Does this outcome work for you?

Whaddaya think? Are children better off wanted, or unwanted? Does adding another baby with about as much forethought as if one were picking up an extra carton of milk work for you?

Here's Democracy on the march, below. Read all about it--in the complete Abu Ghraib files--the Salon story here.

Does this work for you?

The Naziest part of these last three photos is that the American troops--who by the way are installing Democracy in Iraq--are deliberately causing painful wounds, then stitching them up, all ready to inflict the painful wounds again.

And giving a big thumbs up, and a hearty grin!

Spread that democracy, girls and boys! Spread it far and wide!


Michelle said...

1) Dobson's a damn scary human being who becomes even scarier when he does his "family values" rap.

2) The prisoner abuse scandal has made it really hard to put one of those "support our troops" magnets on my car.

enigma4ever said...

What the fuck is wrong with this country and why aren't more people outraged ?.....

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well yeah. Everybody knows that when you pound somebody in the wounds you already inflicted it hurts even more! Thus bringing even more fun and Democracy to the unbelievers! And it's best, as Rev. Dobson observes, to practice on your pets and your children.

Libby said...

You gotta love these "culture of lifers". Make those po' folk have babies and then shred the social safety net so dem lazy good for nuthin' po' kids go hungry. Cut health care assistance for the living so you can pay for prolonging the lives of the brain dead. And oh yeah, we gotta spread freedom and democracy thang. Gonna kill those rag heads to set them free. Feh.

No Blood for Hubris said...

And lest we forget the overarching principle--whatever it is, whatever they do--it's their own damn fault!