Saturday, April 15, 2006

Crappy King Cracks Down On Nepali People

Charming Gyanendra was long known as the "Black Prince." Once a timely royal massacre eliminated all the relatives standing between him and the throne of Nepal, the world's only Hindu kingdom, Gyanendra turned Nepal's democratic constitutional monarchy into a backward autocracy, starring himself as autocrat-in-chief.

He tossed out democratically-elected Prime Ministers as if they were rubbish, and seized total power. He still has it. So far.

But the people of Nepal are fighting back. Lawyers have protested for the restoration of democracy, and have been beaten and jailed for their trouble.

Journalists have protested, and have been beaten and jailed for their trouble.

Full story here, via CBS, with troubling video footage available on the right side of the screen (a commercial precedes it). Worth a look.

Via United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal, more on arrests and beatings of professionals and demonstrators, as well as deportation of sympathetic foreigners like Dr. Brian Cobb, who treated wounded demonstrators and Nepali police alike.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Gosh, how come George doesn't come to the rescue and liberate Nepal from this ruthless dicatator? (Obviously, from that hat, this guy doesn't worry too much about looking goofy.)

No Blood for Hubris said...

Well, the hat goes with the job. I've certainly seen other Nepali kings manage to wear it with panache.

Libby said...

It's because the only oil they have is hash oil Neil. Personally I love the hat.

isabelita said...

That hat is garnished with the pelt of a Yeti fetus, torn unborn from its mother's womb. Only the rarest and best for a crappy piece of shit like the guy wearing it...
Good fucking grief. Can we NOT round up all the insane old men ruining thsi world and burn them alive?!!!

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yee-haw to that.