Friday, April 21, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fitzmas

Deck the halls with boughs of -- indictments? Fa la la la la. La la, la, la.

More here.

This, from Faux News, is quite a nifty barrel of Fitzmas cheer, too:

President Bush’s job approval rating slipped this week and stands at a new low of 33 percent approve,

down from 36 percent two weeks ago and 39 percent in mid-March.

A year ago this time, 47 percent approved and two years ago 50 percent approved (April 2004).
Time wounds all heels? (ho ho ho)

No Blood for Hubris mini-mental health interlude:

"President Bush met with the president of China at the White House. The arrival ceremony was interrupted by a protester who started yelling, 'Stop the persecution, stop the torture!'

President Bush had to ask, 'Hey, lady. Which one of us are you talking to?'"

--Jay Leno

"President Bush creating thousands of new jobs. The bad news, they're all in the White House.

As you know, staff members have been leaving the White House in droves. Today, press secretary Scott McClellan stepped down. He said he wanted to spend more time lying to his family."

--Jay Leno

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