Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nepal, Zone of Peace, Take 3

A Nepali journalist protects an injured Nepali policeman from an angry crowd during continuing pro-democracy protests.

From United We Blog! For a Democratic Nepal:
In the evening, the news of half an hour blackout and torch rally was circulated. The local guys chanted slogans for a while. A while ago, police entered our area and fired rubber bullets, but no one was injured. At Ghattekulo, Mr. Jiwan Bhattarai, a shopkeeper, was injured in the morning. Few protesters were arrested. An army man's (who denied shelter to the protestors) house was damaged.

Today evening at 8 p.m., I saw the biggest torch rally in long time. So many people were gathered at Ghattekulo chowk. Blackout was observed successfully. In the dead night, the crescent moon gave ample light to the impromptu protest program. Protesters with torches in their hands rallied towards Dillibazar. One could hardly identify another, but they all were gathered for [one] cause, i.e., restoration of democracy.

Jai Nepal!

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