Monday, June 12, 2006

Lawless Bush IS -- Vlad the Impaler!!

In the olden days, people put other people's heads on spikes.

This was earlier in Western civilization.

(This gentleman on the left is Vlad the Impaler. Go Google him. He did that stuff a lot.)

On the right below, we have the late Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. He hasn't been literally impaled, but rather literarily impaled--his head is now on a Bushist propaganda spike.

Isn't that like, SO Western civilized?

I so appreciated having this guy's corpse pic splashed across the front page of both my morning newspapers, so that I could share this virtual impalement with my children and other unsuspecting innocents, those who have been so carefully protected from seeing the heinous photos of flag-draped coffins of American war dead.

I'm so glad our hero George Bush is protecting Western civilization through virtually impaling enemies via propaganda death pix in contravention of those pussy Genevas, and torturing people in contravention of those pussy Genevas, and disappearing people to secret prisons in contravention of those pussy Genevas, and holding people without trial in contravention of general pussy laws and stuff.

I also think it's so interesting that even though a 500 lb. bomb fell on this guy, he didn't get smashed to smithereens. Shouldn't we be bombing little village houses with bigger bombs?

I also think it's interesting that a guy like Zarqawi who was FIRED TWO MONTHS AGO BY THE IRAQI INSURGENTS is getting such big-deal press in the US, who have completely ignored the him getting sacked story, which ran in Al Jazeera long ago.

It must be so useful to have a boogieman, so we can keep the little Bushist fascist Bush-hugging kiddies in their footed flannel jammies scared of the scarey terrist dark, is it not?

Ooh. Someone quick give all the little scaredy kiddies a big "Boy George Will Protect You!" hug, and send them off to bed.

(Ed. note--Without their suppers.)


Peacechick Mary said...

I thought the same thing - 500 pound bomb and that's all the damage it did? I smell rotting fish.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Really. Who makes up these stories, Rove? He must have something else on his mind, he's really off his game.

Kvatch said...

his head is now on a Bushist propaganda spike.

With pretty gilt border suitable for hanging on your wall.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Really. Whose job was it to frame it? And whose idea?