Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scooter Scooter Scooter -- What kind of a name is that for a grown man?

Waiting for the jury to come in after the Libby trial?

Don't bother with the MSM (mainstream media, for our stout handful of non-blogtopian gentle readers). Go directly to coverage at firedoglake.

Say, Jimmy, isn't firedoglake doing what the Fourth Estate is supposed to do, that is, before it morphed into the loudmouth useless braindead Bushist fascist media whore media? Wasn't all of the media supposed to be defending truth, not truthiness? Truth, justice and the American way -- as Sidney Blumenthal does, here.

But let's take time to tippy-toe down Memory Lane, just a bit. Reviewing the arguments presented in the Libby trial, one does love the little constellation of, um, like NINE , count them, NINE persons to whom Libby somehow managed to "blurt" a CIA covert agent's identity!

But hey, it didn't happen that way, people. It was all about Rove. It was all about Twinkie Sneezing. It was all about being SO BUSY Defenderering the Universe. But In the end, boo-hoo, just as Bubble Boy had become the Deciderer, somehow Libby is now revealed as the Forgetter-er.


Three words:


Good mnemonic, UIA. Why, it's almost like CIA, is it not? Alliterative irony? Libby's behavior with regard to "Wilson's wife" was Unique -- testimony suggested he was acting in unusual ways, calling people he never called, going way out of his way. Libby's behavior showed the Importance to him of this information-- making time for special two hour lunches, even though he's so busy being the Defenderer of the Universe. Libby's behavior was driven by Anger -- to which many witnesses testified.

On a totally different note, hmm, can anyone say "Sealed vs. Sealed"?

Oh, and here's a little photo of Richard "Big Dick" Cheney. And a big one.

Cheney at Auschwitz. Golly. We're feeling really Jungian today, have you noticed?

The Libby trial summation somehow is just making me feel, so, so -- sentimental! Sentimental about Big Dick!

How about you?


CitizenBoo said...

"loudmouth useless braindead Bushist fascist whore media" ... not to be picky, but I think you forgot sychophantic and inept; although that could fall under useless ...

So I must ask, if Libby is found guilty, what do you think the verdict will affect?

No Blood for Hubris said...

It will affect Scooter and he will feel sad. But he will say to Bubble Boy, "Pardon me." Which Bubble Boy will.

Whichever way this trial goes, it will be helpful to Fitzgerald in Sealed vs. Sealed.

Fitz has bigger fish to fry, and in a bigger pan.

whig said...

Dear Hubris, if Scooter is pardoned but not killed, he will be forced to testify without fifth amendment protection or any immunity against further prosecution for new perjuries.

Anonymous said...

Fitz has bigger fish to fry, and in a bigger pan.

But we'll have the same problem. Bubble Boy will say, my Veep is immune from prosecution until after we're gone, and then just as their leaving..."I pardon thee!"

No Blood for Hubris said...

Dear Whig --

What a great notion.

In that case, count me as part of the pro-pardon crowd.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Dear Kvatch--

Let us hope Bubble Boy himself rats on Big Dick in an attempt to save himself?