Monday, May 21, 2007

Talibangelical Minister Microwaves Baby

Yes, I'm happy, too, that the Talibangelicals will soon be taking over our lives and our country completely, are you not happy?

Here, a Talibangelical minister, no doubt a loyal graduate of the James Dobson School of Kiddy-Whipping and Puppy-Beating, demonstrates how easy it is for a godly Christian man to throw a helpless infant into a microwave oven, and press "on."

Aren't you glad that, because of all the hard work of thousands of
Talibangelicals like the late Jerry Falwell, you and all Americans can now have and mistreat your very own unwanted baby, too?

Filling the whole world with unwanted babies who grow up to be criminals! Serial killers! Addicts! Murderers! People who beat their own dogs! People who throw their very own children into microwaves and press "on"!

God bless, America!


pissed off patricia said...

What percentage of these people are just batshit crazy? Seems like a lot of them use religion to try to cover for being crazy as hell.

The snark in me wants to say will at least the baby wasn't aborted.

Anonymous said...

That's the thing the government-forced maternity crowd conveniently fails to mention -- that unwanted babies tend not to be treated very well -- and then grow up to be people who don't treat other people very well.

As in, you know, robbing, murdering, drugging, abusing others, that sort of thing.

But we wouldn't want to mention that.