Friday, June 29, 2007

Big Dick In Big Denial of Big Trouble

John Dean, who knows something about why Presidents and Vice-Presidents might need to resign, has an opinion on Sadist-In-Chief, Big Dick Cheney, and explains it, here.

I'm still enjoying Big Dick's flight away from the Executive Branch into the Legislative Branch in order to avoid trouble.

Oh -- but if he's not part of the Executive Branch, doesn't that mean he no longer can hide under the shield of Executive Privilege?

Oh right. Woops.

Thus followeth Big Dick's flight away from the Legislative Branch back to the Executive.

So, let's review.

He flunked out of Yale.

He's a coward draft-dodger.

He's a tricky Dick suck-up.

Now, he's an oilist, warmongering pro-torture Bushist fascist sadist Veep.

So, hey. What's not to love, eh?


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