Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why Sadism Matters (For Those Who Slept Through That Part of Sunday School)

Why Sadism Matters: sadism matters because we live in a country so morally disabled that it is, sadly, not unreasonable to state the obvious, e.g., that sadism matters, since apparently some Americans need higher education on this point.

God knows why. (And remember, I'm Buddhist).

We could start with Cheney and Rummy and Preznit Toad-Exploder, but let's start with Romney, because it's a nice day and he has such white teeth.

Sure, they're calling him "Mutt Romney" now.

Some Bushist fascists think that's really mean.

I bet Ann Coulter thinks it's really mean.

Others disagree.

"I'll admit that I'm coming from a dog-centric point of view," Tucker Carlson, the conservative pundit, said Thursday on MSNBC. "But I'm feeling that maybe Mitt Romney lost my vote here. Do you need to be a PETA member to be disturbed by the fact that this guy put a dog on the roof of his car?"

[And left the dog there for a 12 hour trip, briefly stopping after the dog shat himself in fear, and the Romney sons became disturbed by the smelly crap all over their nice vehicle, so there was a crap cleanup.
"As the oldest son, Tagg Romney commandeered the way-back of the wagon, keeping his eyes fixed out the rear window, where he glimpsed the first sign of trouble. ''Dad!'' he yelled. ''Gross!'' A brown liquid was dripping down the back window, payback from an Irish setter who'd been riding on the roof in the wind for hours."

No one was disturbed by the dog's state. The dog went back in its cage on the top of the car, and back riding at 60 mph. There was no room in the car for the dog. They were too poor to make other arrangements?

Romney still asserts the dog loved it. Battered women too, like to get beat. That's why they're asking for it.]

Some Bushist fascists think it doesn't matter what happens to a stupid dog, anyhow. It's not as if they're embryos, after all.

Or miscarried fetuses, feti that could be put up on the family wall like Rick Santorum did, to more deeply feel the grieving process.

And we know by now that if there was a burning building with a nursery school full of 20 live kids and a medical center with 20,000 frozen embryos, the Bushist fascist hero, unwilling to risk his own skin, would bribe some poor person to run in and save all the widdle snowfwakes first.

Still other people think that, you know, what with "Christian" James Dobson belt-beating his own dog and then bragging about it, advocating whipping toddlers with real whips, and young George W. Bush torturing frogs, old George W. Bush starting wars to get back at his Dad, and old Big Dick Cheney torturing people (and Rummy torturing them, too, let's not forget about him), and all the people who are only following orders torturing people, yes, other people think that there's a theme here.

The Culture of Cruelty.

This profound philosophical view consists of the following belief:

It's ok that other beings suffer.

Thus: family doggie shits himself in fear?

So what?

Family doggie howls in pain?

So what?

Frogs explode when lit firecracker explodes?

So what?

Wounded troops can't get cared for?

So what?

Katrina victims drown?

So what?

600K+ dead in Iraq?

So what?

Picture of Not Mitt Romney's Dog.

(Oh, and President has the most sustained level of rejection by the American public ever?

So what?)


Bubba said...

See you are discussing Dr. Dobson. Read my take about him at


Insight into tyrannical writings:

Jill said...

If my widowed mother could spring to pay Pro-Pet-Transports to ship her dogs from Maine to NC when she moved, Mitt Fucking Romney could do the same. This story just makes me sick. What a cruel, sadistic fucker he is. Of course, why should that surprise me? He's a Republican.

(BTW, PPT does a GREAT job when shipping pets. The dogs -- a Westie and two Rottweilers -- arrived happy and healthy. And yes, that's a testimonial.)