Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Hillary Clinton Conversion Syndrome

As is perfectly clear, I'm waaaay to the left of Senator Clinton. And I want to smack the blood-on-their-hands Naderites upside the head. Possibly on a permanent basis. (Metaphor, metaphor).

You heard me complaining below about all media whore media's continuing sexist coverage of the Senator, and it's still going on today.

My spies in Limbaugh-land say that he's ranting on about "single women" and how they're going to decide the election. As if there's something wrong with that? Who cares?

And I've read some columns, oddly, where other right-wingers are going all nutty on "single women" (who comprise a quarter of the population -- and I'd guess the other 25% of the 50% female population would be -- married women?) and calling them "slutty"?

As if calling women "slutty" will keep them from casting their vote? Ee-ew. How Anita Hill swiftboaty.

Now we have Charles Krauthammer, who apparently doesn't know any better, putting a metaphoric pubic hair on our public coke can.

His argument against Hillary Clinton is: don't vote for her because she's married to Bill Clinton, and presidents shouldn't be married to former presidents.

I kid you not. That's his frickin' beef.

Well, Charlie, that's pretty dumb of you. You on the rag, or something?

It's idiotic on its face.

Plus, you know, a lot of people LIKED having a surplus, and not being involved in big-time foreign wars, and not killing a lot of our troops and other people's civilians, trying to expand health care for all, and protecting the environment, and not pissing money away on mercenaries, and working on energy independence, and having a FEMA that worked, and improving our infrastructure, taking the Al Qaeda threat seriously, and upholding the rule of law, and generally having a professional and competent government.

So again, I am waaay to the left of Hillary Clinton, but I thought I'd let all my fearless readers know that columns and comments by right-wingers like Krauthammer are really starting to get to me.

I read that column, "Americans reject a co-presidency," with something like shock and awe.

This wild vile sexist swiftboat spin is creating in me and in many of us something like a Hillary Conversion Syndrome.

I just sent her money. Stop these sexist rants, reichwingers, or I swear, I'll send again.



Mauigirl said...

Great post - found you through The Political Voices of Women.

I agree, I'm to the left of Hillary as well, but when you think of the alternatives...if she's the frontrunner then more power to her!

Thomas said...

As a lefty myself, I am moving ever closer to Hillary, she is a fighter, and I am SO sick of wimpy Dems....She is flawed, yet so are we all.
She will FIGHT

and remember what Rick said in casablanca "confusion to the enemy"