Friday, January 04, 2008

Miss Piggy Republicans Vote in Obama, Edwards

After I bid good-night to two major Hillary-haters, loudmouth sexist pundit Chris "Tweetybird" Matthews, and horrible Andrea "I'm Married to Greenspan" Mitchell all during the Iowa Democratic Caucus coverage, I woke up to the news of the Huckobama win.

I also learned that both Obama and Edwards owed their finish to votes from -- REPUBLICANS. Clinton got 10% of votes from Republicans. Over forty percent (44%) of Obama "voters" were Republicans; over thirty percent (32%) of Edwards "voters" were Republicans.


I thought it was a Democratic Caucus?

Nah. It's just an opportunity for a little rat-f*cking.

According to CNN, 44% of those voting for Obama were Republicans. Thirty-two percent of those voting for Edwards were Republicans. 41% of those voting for Obama earn $100K a year or more (was that all those Republicans?).

Someone really feels threatened by the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic Party's nomination for President.

And that someone would be -- Karl "Miss Piggy" Rove.

Whose idea it was, I suggest, to get Republicans to vote in the Democratic Primary process in Iowa? Cui bono?

Miss Piggy.

So, before you start stuff in cotton in your ears to keep out the Hillary-hating bombast by the vile Media Whore Media, please keep in mind that the Democratic Party primary election process in Iowa was won by the "Miss Piggy Republican" wing of the Democratic party.

Which ain't no Democratic party wing at all.



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stargazer said...

Yup, and the Republicans are eating this all up. Then maybe in the General Election they will turn around and vote for McCain and laugh all the way to the polls. I am in FL and we had a record turn out with over 50% of voters choosing Hillary Clinton as their candidate. Oh, that's right. My vote doesn't count! Which race is this? Is it 2000 all over again?