Monday, May 12, 2008

Play Nice, Dem Boyz 'N Girlz -- Or We'll Rip Off the Head Of Dem Party Intra-Party Unity Pony & Stuff It Down Its Day-Glo Neck

Yes, boys and girls, it's time for another butterlamp offering being offered here to save an endangered species -- poor poor pitiful Party Unity Pony, who lies on her deathbed with her tongue hanging out, gasping for breath, with her big round sad eyes looking really, well, sad.

She's the last of her lineage; her very existence is hanging by a thread.

Please consider taking this time to save the endangered life of Dem Party Unity Pony of Intra-Party Civility and Working-Togetherness.

Our butterlamp offering involves advocating a simple alteration in technique.

Sure, it's easy to make vitriolic political remarks, and doing so can seem oddly pleasurable.

We're asking that every Dem boy or girl, before they write, say or do something shriekily disparaging, to stop and apply the Miss Piggy Test -- asking themselves, hey, if I write or say X, Y, or Z -- will this give Karl Rove a hard-on?

I could give examples, but you know just what I mean.

"Hillary is X! Barack is so X! Bill is even X-er! Michelle = even more X than Hillary! Isn't it awful! How could she/he! How could they? Rrrawk! Rrrawk! Rrrawk!"

Save Dem Unity Pony. Do your part. It's okay to be angry, it's even ok to be furious with one another. (I feel these feelings all too frequently myself, these days.)

But -- set a boundary. Take a breath. Take a breath and apply the Miss Piggy test.

Will reading this/hearing this actually give Karl Rove a hard-on?

Because, you know, lately he's having waaaay too many.



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