Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Department of Spare the Rod Spoil the Child

Letting the child's punishment really really fit the child's crime, eh?

WEBSTER – A child abuse suspect who police say repeatedly threw her 8-year-old stepdaughter down a flight of stairs was arrested yesterday in Florida.

Cara LeBlanc, 29, will face charges of first-degree assault and criminal restraint when she returns to New Hampshire, police said.

WBBH-TV in Fort Myers reports that Cara LeBlanc waived extradition in a court hearing this morning.

Webster police Lt. Phil Mitchell said the girl suffered kidney and liver damage, three broken vertebrae in her neck and three broken ribs as a result of the attack Thursday.

"I've never seen a child-abuse case this severe,'' he said yesterday. [Note from NBFH: I have.]

The girl's body was also covered with black and blue welts from having been repeatedly whipped with a belt over a nine-hour period Thursday, he said. The beating ended when the belt broke, police said.

Police say LeBlanc dragged the girl up the stairs by her hair seven times, then pushed her down each time. Leblanc also tied the child to a door by her hands and feet and force-fed her cereal during the ordeal, police said.

Mitchell said the girl was originally listed in critical condition at Boston Children's Hospital.

"She's getting better and is expected to recover, but it's going to take some time before she's well again,'' he said.

Police interviewed her Monday at the hospital.

The girl's father, Dan LeBlanc, took her to Concord Hospital Saturday, police said. Professionals there called police.

She was later taken to Boston for treatment of liver and kidney problems.

Two other children who were in the home during the assault -- a 7-year-old boy who police say is LeBlanc's biological child and a 5-year-old girl -- were not harmed. Mitchell said the state Division for Children, Youth and Families received a court order Monday to take custody of the children.

This is not the first abuse allegation investigated at the LeBlanc home, Mitchell said. Two years ago, police filed a complaint with state officials, but an investigation concluded it was unfounded.

More recently, a complaint was filed with the DCF by a former high school boyfriend of Leblanc's, Bill, who asked that his last name not be used.

He said LeBlanc is the mother of his 11-year-old daughter, who has lived with him for the past several years but still visits LeBlanc.

In March, he said, his daughter told him the 5-year-old was punished by being made to run up and down the stairs of LeBlanc's home for 20 minutes without stopping. The girl was also locked in her room from time to time, Bill said.

"I reported it to the state, but they said it was unfounded,'' he said.

Don't get me started.

No, really, don't.

Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

Why do people like this woman exist? Is it to test us like some of the KKKristian fundiefuckheads would have us believe? If so, what would the test be for, our aim with a .30-06?


Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting to hear what this woman's M.O. was/is. I'm sure she'll paint a pity story of her childhood, or tell everyone she saw the devil in that poor girls eyes. Followed by media coverage across the board on child abuse.

It doesn't seem to matter how much press cases like this get. It raises awareness for a time, but what really changes?

Some thinking outside the box maybe. Mandatory sike evals for all prospective parents? Fence in some islands off Florida's southern tip, and dump all the sike-o's there with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

How about punishment that mirrors the crime? I'll buy a new belt just for the occasion.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Ironically, this makes me want to hit someone. Lucky for Mommy Dearest she's locked up; I imagine I'm not the only person thinking about what to do with her hair, a chair, some rope, and some stairs. (Three of those rhyme. For reasons I'd rather not consider, that makes me even more nauseous.)

Another tragedy is that a lot of venom is going to also be aimed at CPS/DF(Y)C for not preventing it. Like most agencies (and thanks to standard right-wing thinking) they're overworked and understaffed--and tasked with an impossible challenge: to sift through revenge-based false reports, cover-ups aided by fearful or embarrassed spouses and children, and so forth, to try and nail the genuine abusers and remove children from parents who haven't killed or seriously maimed them yet.

Vilified when they fail and when they succeed, they can't win, but we certainly don't want them to give up.

It's times like these that make me go all psychotically fascist, and start to subscribe to Carol Lay's insane theories of breeding regulation, only because they seem less insane than the current alternative.

superjaded said...

I'm failing to see what politics has to do with scumbag parents but I'll give it a go anyway. I'm not looking forward to anything this woman has to offer for an excuse to that damage that she did to that child. I'm looking for revenge. If the state of NH won't do it, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who will remember Miss Double-Chin and she won't get far. This is no right-wing conspiracy.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Ceiling. H. Cat.

WTF is WRONG with some alleged humans?

No Blood for Hubris said...

There's a theme here.

The power-ful get to en-ac/re-enact their personal revenge fantasies upon the power-less.

As in: this lady.

As in: Dr. Dobson and his dachshund.

As in: Rummy, Cheney, Dirty Bush.