Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chosen One: "Feisty" Sweetie Wrong On FISA, Centrism, Compromise

"You're feisty. And I like that."

So the Chosen One likes a gurrl to be feisty, does he?


Moi, I like not to be patted on the head.

Here's Anglachel, Above Reproach.


Anonymous said...

I think Obama needs some feisty people around to help keep him in line. Also I thought it was interesting that he had apparently already heard of Dallas Timmons. But unlike CNN's caption, Obama gave a much better (and more detailed) answer than just "You're wrong"; and as he said, he's going to have constituents that he has to answer to. :)

As for Anglachel, I stopped reading her post somewhere around her conflation between Obama himself and some of his supporters, i.e., in the first paragraph. I could hold Hillary responsible for, say, Larry Johnson (or Anglachel), but it wouldn't be fair, or make any sense.


No Blood for Hubris said...

I think she's an experienced and determined local organizer. Well-spoken. Good question.

He's still wrong on FISA though. Don't know why he did that.

Cheers back atcha.

Anonymous said...

That's probably why he's heard of her, it was a good question, and he is wrong on FISA. He did vote against immunity first, but ultimately Obama went along with the majority in voting for it. Sadly there's a lot of blame to go around here, too. Firstly, if we had a progressive Democratic Congress, the bill should never have come up for a vote in the first place. Also, I can't understand why no one fillibustered it (the old fashioned way), or put a hold on it, or anything.

For example, I love Russ Feingold; when asked about it, he said the bill was a "catastrophe", and that the best way to fix it going forward would be to elect Obama, but not even Russ would really put himself out there to stop it; neither did Chris Dodd, although they both sponsored an amendment to strip immunity from the bill, which Obama voted for. Ultimately, they didn't have enough votes, so they gave up. That may be what passes for comity in the Senate, but it doesn't help us.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I totally agree.

No Blood for Hubris said...

On the other hand, your inability to tolerate reading Anglachel's post past the first paragraph makes Unity Pony cry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's a pet peeve of mine; I'm fine with holding Obama responsible for Obama, but I'm just not a fan of guilt by association, and worse, the subsequent conflation and transferrence of said guilt. If Obama says something stupid, fine; if an Obama supporter does, though, it isn't Obama's fault. And ditto for Hillary and Hillary supporters.

But looking past that for a moment, the Hillary is a gracious and dedicated public servant / Obama is a petulant brat who wronged her frame in her post isn't scoring any Unity Pony points whatsoever. On that front, Hillary has been doing much better than some of her supporters, and unlike Anglachel with Obama, I'm willing to give Hillary credit for that now instead of blaming her for the conduct of her supporters. Of course, finishing up the Democratic primary campaign helps a lot towards unity, and they are both leading by example. We'll see if Anglachel notices.

No Blood for Hubris said...

It's hard to have party unity with each side demonizing the other, which is pretty much how it's been so far -- especially in blogtopia -- mob rule avec much tar, and many many feathers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it can create a cycle that's hard to break, not to mention a lot of hard feelings. On the other hand, unity is perhaps boring by comparison--but peaceful, and hopefully more productive.