Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin Palin Palin

Silicon Valley Moms blog on Sarah Palin, You Scare Me.


ABC News on Palin & Polar Bears.

I don't mind that she's an ex-beauty queen. I have zero problem with that.

I mind that when McCain asked her to be his running mate, she actually said yes.


Anonymous said...

I like Palin. She stood against the Bush administration. She sued the Bush administration. Do people really believe Bush cares about polar bears?

There's a logical falacy in the polar bear debate. It implies that Bush is a great environmentalist that wanted to inconvenience oil companies and save polar bears. While Palin is now the oil-company-loving-polar-bear-hater.

If you scratch the surface you will find that just the opposite is true.

Anonymous said...


Let me take a whack at this. You don't get out much, do you? I don't know anyone (and I know a shitload of folks) who would confuse Makesmygorgerise Bush with anybody who gives a fuck about anything except his own insane agenda.

Any reptilican can stand up to Bush now that he's a non-person in the eyes of the GOP. They're HAPPY that he and the DorkLordCheney are not going to showing up in Minneapolis.