Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama Widens Lead on McCain; Palin Unfavorables Rise

Via the Sydney Morning Herald. Via Hominid Views.

One is not okay with the vicious Mrs. Palin's continuing race-baiting, either. No time to address this at length, but one can visualize Sarah Palin dancing around like Anita from West Side Story, and singing, "Stick to your own kind! One of your own kind!"

Here's David Brooks (a Republican, I think?) calling Palin "a fatal cancer to the Republican party." Now that's harsh.

Hat-tip to reader AT, more on Palin's Talibangelical connections.


Ellyn Harris said...

Wow. This blog is obsessed, in the most superficial way, with Palin. Its like a back and forth "Oh she sucks" with a "OMIGOD she does!" as a response. One of the posters here wrote:

"I have raised a lot of people's hackles of late for saying things about Sarah Palin being like a hooker. What the fuck are you supposed to do when someone is trying to sell their bullshit lines by resorting to using their womanliness---call her an Amway rep? Fuck."

Vey well reasoned...go to realclearpolitics and read the piece by Camille Paglia (an actual feminist). She has a FAIR but critical view of the Governor,and I don't think she calls her a slut, hooker or bitch at all.

Those terms are kind of acceptable if you are a high drama girl in junior high. The few here disturb me more than Palin!

Ellyn H said...

I am surprised this is linked to many decent blogs. It shouldn't be.

No Blood for Hubris said...


What an interesting comment.

Please note that I have never called Palin a slut, a hooker, nor a bitch.

I have said that her nomination is a hideous insult to all American women, however, and to all American men for that matter.

Feel free to disagree, sweetie. ; )

(oh, and read the disclaimer on the sidebar. or don't. what-everrr.)

No Blood for Hubris said...

And I have said that "Sarah Palin" is to "deep" as "Sylvia Plath" is to "perky."

And I stand by that, no matter what Camille Paglia thinks or says.

democommie said...


Oh, gosh, I'm sorry--not.

The woman is being used by Rove and is reveling in it. She's trash.

Don't judge no blood for hubris by what I say, I'm just a commenter, here. But, fwiw, your opinion means less than nothing to me.

democommie said...


Camille Paglia sold out a long time ago.

Ellyn H said...

I came back tonight to apologize for my comment. By posting such remarks, I am being a hypocrite.

I dislike Palin, but I also dislike how she has been received by a lot of so-called feminists.

Sorry for the bitchy, snarky comment. It's easy to come to a site, post and judge...not all in that order. I still hold my opinons, but there is better, less abrasive way to share least there is for me.

The Out Of Joint Times said...

Oh yeah? Well did you know that John McCain was a POW in Vietnam?!!

Anonymous said...


I can't apologize for what I said about Palin.

There IS a less abrasive way to say what I said. I said it with deliberate malice. I would not speak about a woman I dislike or disagree with using such language unless, like Sarah Palin, they try to play me.

Read Eve Ensler's piece at HuffPo.

or watch the video that Ensler made.

I think you're probably a lot nicer person than I am, at least where dealing with lamebrains that have some idea GOD wants them to run my life. I'm not anti-feminist, I am anti-Palin.

Out of Joint Times:

Seems I heard that somewhere. Of course I also heard that the Moscow Post said he was in Russia for much of that 5-1/2 years.


No Blood for Hubris said...

Fwiw, Palin is no feminist, and Paglia is not much of one

And, Ellyn, you characterize your own remarks as "bitchy"? What's up with that?

On blogroll, check out the blog, "I blame the patriarchy," the section on advanced patriarchy-blaming.)

Ellyn Harris said...

I'm not sure what I was specifically supposed to take away from that blog (blame the patriarchy)...let me know.

I think that defining feminism is increasingly a personal endeavor as I know that my personal version of feminism will differ from yours, my mother's, etc.
I have fallen into that awful trap of deciding what is and isn't worthy of the title "feminist", which is judgmental and intolerant. (You don't have to be pro-choice to be a feminist, fill in the blank, and so forth).
Palin is the beneficiary of the natural outcomes and rewards of second wave feminism, and now she fits nicely in the postmodern third wave, IMHO. The word feminist fails us really, and the more we try to nail it down, the more we see its limitations.
Many people can't accept that Palin is a product of/example of any of this.

I am familiar with a lot of "feminist" works and writers. I like Paglia. I don't see her as a sell-out, and I find her take on certain issues honest and pragmatic. I disagree with her on some issues, but I appreciate her take.
I do think that Todd Palin represents something significant--he carries his weight at home and has a partnership with his wife (so it seems). My own husband cooks almost all of the meals (I clean, etc.) and so many people cannot fathom this. So why does this matter?
I hear this too often from women my age and some older women: "You are lucky--my husband complains if he is asked to sweep." "Is he okay with that set-up?" "Don't worry,if you have kids, you have a husband that helps. Most of us don't."

This is not coming from right-wing women--a lot of these women are liberals, artists, musicians and writers and young professionals who held to the same egalitarian hopes that I did. Naomi Wolf's "Misconception" touches on this--how women still end up doing almost everything because the basic gender roles when it comes to home and family have barely changed at all.

So, all that being said, while Sarah Palin might not be the embodiement of the feminism that I learned of in college, so what. She is self-made, accomplished, and doing it all with a family and a supportive spouse. That is feminism, whether we want to define it as such or not.
...So I called my comment bitchy? I thought it was. Much like this comment was too long.


Ellyn Harris said...

Sorry--I accidentally sent that twice.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Palin is not a feminist. She has gained from feminism, but has paid no dues.

" . . .how women still end up doing almost everything because the basic gender roles when it comes to home and family have barely changed at all."

Yes, exactly.

Anonymous said...


Palin is to feminism what Clarence Thomas is to affirmative action. She enjoys all of the benefits of the process and yet she will keep other women from exercising their rights.

She's a snake.