Monday, December 29, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different: Department of Been There Done That

RevPaperboy has tagged one, with what he describes as the "latest stupid blog meme", and one must respond.

It's a job thing. One must make a list of all the jobs one has held so far.


Jobs in chronological order (paying):

horrible job as clerk typing letters on stock certificates, Boston

GS-1 civil servant ordering wastebaskets and other supplies, Philly

dancer in bar, Pittsburgh (the tame kind of dancing, not pole-dancing. but dicey, dancing on actual bar 3 ' wide 4 feet off floor next to cash register w/out help of contact lenses while acrophobic )

grant writer, Boston Model Cities program, Roxbury (I don't know how I landed this job. I had just dropped out of college to work with the theater company below, to the dismay of my family of origin. My co-wokers were nice people, and there was a fabulous classic sub place across the street.)

actress, Blood Theater, Cambridge/Roxbury, w/desperately funny playwright who morphed into screenwriter & went on to pen "Air America," one of NBFH's fave movies.

camp counselor teaching theater & dance (Camp Sunningdale), Maine

actress, summer stock, Albany NY (including a charming love scene in Foster's "Tom Paine" as Marguerite Bonneville with Tom Paine, played by John McTiernan, later of the many Die Hards, which partially made up for (but not entirely) his having earlier slapped me viciously across the face (in character of course, Talthybios vs. Hecuba) during an improv for Nicholas Nabokov's production of Sartre's "The Trojan Women" at Planting Fields experimental college. yes some part of me after all these years still wants to punch him back but I'm buddhist now lucky for you, John, dear. ; )

general factotum, Academy of American Poets, NYC

actress, director, playwright, teacher for experimental theater in Chelsea, NYC; also festivals & gigs in US, Germany (Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus, Munich Theater Festival; Warsaw, Poznan, Teatre Kalambur, Wroclaw, Poland; residencies at Antioch, SUNY Albany, Bard, somewhere in Pittsburgh, too. What I remember best is at the Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus, still acrophobic, wearing five-inch high platform shoes, a floor-length blue silk dress, standing on the very edge of a table three feet off the floor, leaning backwards over the edge of the table, holding a mirror in my hands, and suddenly having a total blank for my lines. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. But then, they came to me. And I did not fall off the table and break my head.)

book shelver, Cornell Univ. Medical College/New York Hospital

new! just remembered! --->New York City Board of Elections, Proportional Represenation Balloting poll worker, Staten Island.

research secretary, later research editor on the uses and functions of language in medicine, CUMC-NYH

highly-paid fecal homogenizer, CUMC-NYH

Wang sec'y at CBS News Finance & CBS Records Law

Voice-over "The Emperor's New Clothes."

hopelessly inept waitress at east village famous ethnic restaurant on 2nd ave, the Kiev. Lasted maybe four days.

ESL teacher, ELI, Kathmandu, Nepal

travel & tourism writer; w/occasional news writing & restaurant reviews, and endless articles on Tibetan rugs, Kathmandu

editor for reports of international development projects, Kathmandu

breeder of a classic line of Tibetan Mastiffs, Kang-ri ( 'snow mountains' in Tibetan)

writer of Regency novels, novellas & short-stories for Zebra books

nanny, Boston

teaching assistant at residential school for violent traumatized girls, MA

licensed clinician specializing in treatment of complex trauma & dissociation, The Trauma Center, Boston (Allston)
& practicing elsewhere at NFP agency in MA now

unpaid work:

candystriper counting surgical sponges
counselor-in-training at riding camp
modern dancer
actress at LaMaMa E.T.C.
actress, several indie films, including a war protest flick where I played a corpse and had to undergo three hours of wound application and three hours of wound-removal all in the service of lying verrry still. which I did SO very well. lie still, I mean.
poems in the Paris Review, Chelsea, the Mississippi Review, Hanging Loose, Nimrod, and other small literary magazines and anthologies
translations of poems from Spanish, Nepali, Tibetan into English
back-up singer for 2 song demos
actress, director, playwright, Himalayan Amateurs/Extreme Off-Off Broadway Alliance
editor-in-chief for 706-page biography of an 18th-century Tibetan lama (initially translated into English by 6 different translators, among them four non-native speakers of English, each with a different native language.)
Youth Committee chair for American Women of Nepal
fashion-show choreographer
meditation instructor
publisher of dharma pamphlets, Mirror Editions, Kathmandu
Editorial board member, the Nalandakirti Journal, Rumtek, Sikkim
Brownie Guide Leader, Kathmandu
Member of the Board, The British Primary School, Kathmandu
board member, DC, Nepal
actress, community theater on NE isthmus
LMHC intern at elementary schools, middle school, domestic violence/sexual assault resource center
actress, writer of plays at other community theater on NE isthmus
board member, SSI-USA
state-certified domestic violence/rape crisis counselor

Now I must tag others. Hmm.

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l'oeuf said...

you forgot breeder of exceptional Tibetan Mastiffs, a quite endangered breed one might say...

No Blood for Hubris said...

oh. I totally forgot. how did you remember?

No Blood for Hubris said...

who you? ; )

l'oeuf said...

i was there... for the birth of one litter...and I'm not Kiki!

I am devoted to your blog
j, ( l'oeuf)

No Blood for Hubris said...

ah yes. the one who fled facebook. ; ) hope you're well. where is Kiki, anyhow?

l'oeuf said...

I did have some news of Kiki...can everybody see this?? did you know Michelle Martin is in the catskills?

did you see the article about the Russian pundit and the break up of america in the wsj? Made me want to hurry up and move to nw CT

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, everyone can see this. Use the email addy above, or my old one.

Shinigami Kayo said...

licensed clinician specializing in treatment of complex trauma ? Well I sold juice out of a booth shaped like a giant orange? Ha!

democommie said...

I've never treated complex trauma, I'm sure I've prolly caused some!

No Blood for Hubris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No Blood for Hubris said...

; )

Well, you look at my job history, and it's easy to see that I have a really really really bad case of ADHD. Um really.

the rev. paperboy said...

"GS-1 civil servant ordering wastebaskets and other supplies, Philly

dancer in bar, Pittsburgh (the tame kind of dancing, not pole-dancing. but dicey, dancing on actual bar 3 ' wide 4 feet off floor next to cash register w/out help of contact lenses while acrophobic )

writer, Boston Model Cities program, Roxbury"

I'm guessing we can put that middle one down to "it was the '60s/'70s/'80s" and "I really needed the money" ;)

"highly-paid fecal homogenizer"

Hey, that's my current job, except for the highly-paid part.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Mm. Dancing job was a putting oneself through college thing, gigs set up by fellow student. grant writer was job I had so I could do the theatre thing at night. don't know why they hired me, was just a kid. fecal homogenizing was while I was also shelving books and doing theater at night. I wore a nose clip underneath my OR face mask. Patients and staff moaned in fear whenever I came onto the ward. I had to add a measure of distilled water to paint-cans full of crap, then put the large paint-cans of crap into a paint-mixer, mix them, measure out the homogenized crap, and then be on my merry way, leaving behind a memorable (for everyone except me) fragrance.

Cart said...

Ok, it took some effort, but the meme is up - What am I doing here? A meme

– and hopefully passed on to Austin Permie