Monday, December 29, 2008

Bristol Births Tripp. No, Really. She Does.

And Unto Her a Childe Is Born.
"While pregnant, Bristol often appeared with her mother as she campaigned across America during the elections.

Johnston's mother Sherry made headlines earlier this month when she was arrested and charged six felony drugs offenses.

Tripp joins a host of strange-named Palins. Alaska governor Sarah Palin's youngest son is called Trigg, and her eldest son is called Track.

The governor's office said the birth was a private family matter."


Anonymous said...

Naming your child Tripp when it's grandmother is facing drugs charges.

America I present our country's dumbest family.

PS I hope Levi has enough sense to get a DNA test done.

Paul Day said...

I'm still hoping it's not too late for them to change it to Typo