Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton Named To State: Quick, Cue MediaWhoreMedia to Ramp Up CDS Spin: rivalry, power, control, oh, my!

From the Sydney Morning Herald, Clinton Stars in Obama Team,

December 3, 2008
Frank and fearless advice … Barack Obama with some of his newly named national security team, including Hillary Clinton, who will be secretary of state.

"THERE is something about Hillary Clinton. She is not very tall, she is a conservative dresser, but when she enters a room she fills the space, even when she shares it with the president-elect.

On Monday, when Barack Obama and his choice as vice-president, Joe Biden, stood before eight American flags crowned with gilded eagles and revealed the names of the six top members of his national security team, it was the petite woman in the inky navy pantsuit who was the centre of attention. [will they ever stop talking about her clothes?]

No matter that on one side stood the first African-American attorney-general of the US, Eric Holder, and the long-standing Bush Administration official Robert Gates, who has agreed to stay on to end the Iraq war he has been running for two years.

Or that on the other side she was dwarfed by Jim Jones, a former supreme allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, a physically imposing former marine who makes Mr Obama look puny. . .

Mr Obama said he preferred to have strong-minded people with strong opinions around him.

He chided the media, saying the far bigger risk in the White House was the tendency towards "group think"."

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democommie said...

no blood for hubris:

Yeah, it's the same with the Richardson appointment. It's a "consolation prize". WTF? Who do they think he should appoint, the DorkLordCheney?