Thursday, December 04, 2008

India On Alert Against Further Attacks

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Airports in India threatened.

THE main Indian airports were on high alert last night after intelligence warnings that India may be the target of a fresh airborne terrorist attack following the assault on Mumbai last week.

India's Bureau of Civil Aviation issued hijack warnings for Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai airports and deployed hundreds of extra airport security personnel.

The Indian Air Force chief, Fali Homi Major, confirmed the threat of a possible airborne attack. "This is based on a warning, which has been received and we are prepared as usual," he told the Press Trust of India news agency. . .

Times of India:

Intel Sources Say Pakistan Military Involved in Terror Attack, Not Civilian Government

The names of trainers and the places where meticulous training took place are also known to the government, the sources said.

The United States is believed to have even more evidence, some of which it has shared with India, they said.

Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who was in Pakistan on Wednesday, is believed to have told his Pakistani interlocutors that Washington had enough evidence to show a Pakistani hand in the attack, the sources said.. .

Plus, blast from past: NBFH hearts Bob Gates cuz Sy Hersh sez BG's a Pak/Ind nuke-war averter.

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