Wednesday, January 07, 2009

US Child Abuse du Jour

Here's a Texas couple who managed to break the bones of their 8 week old infant.

Rudy Arismendez and Olga Arteaga were charged with Injury to a Child after doctors discovered numerous fractures on the child's body, according to police.

Police got involved when Arteaga took her daughter to Scott and White Hospital in Temple where doctors called police and Child Protective Services.

Temple Police say Arismendez abused the girl a number of times, causing severe damage to her body.

"It's very hard to break the bones of a newborn," said Temple Police Sergeant Brad Hunt. "They're very limber. They're bones are not developed in any way so it takes a lot of trauma, a lot of force to do damage."

And another very special present from Preznit Toad-Exploder: As Economy Worsens, Child Abuse Cases on the Rise.

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