Saturday, January 31, 2009

Read Arthur Silber's Post.

I'm swamped in rl right now.

But read my fellow Alice Miller fan, Arthur Silber,

(and please send Arthur some really nice thing like, well, money.)


Anonymous said...

no blood for hubris:

Mr. Miller will not be getting any money from me--I got none to give. I admit to skimming the content, but I'm totally in agreement with what he says in what I read. Having been the victim of both sexual and psychological abuse as a child I know EXACTLY what it feels like and I struggle with the urge to not inflict it on others, at times. Oddly, perhaps, the people I want to "torture" are not the obviously weak and helpless. I want to hurt the proud and the careless who think that others are less than them. I don't know if I will ever be "well" in the sense of feeling whole. The abuse was long term and I got pretty "comfortable" with it. But, I do know that I will not condone hurting others to get what I want or to "protect" me from them.

word verification is "troutali", what is that a muslimfishist?


Paul Day said...

Swamped? With what? *laffin*

No Blood for Hubris said...

democommie: 1. yep 2. what's up with word verification?

paul: am now on a constant IV Valium drip. ; ))