Saturday, January 24, 2009

Supporting the Right to Random Parenthood

Here's a cheery link: Economy Goes Down, Abortion Goes Up.

Oh golly.

What a surprise.

But get this: besides being for government-forced maternity, some rightwingers are militating against contraception! (Yes, let's return to the last century, shall we?) No really, they are.

Why would we ever want to plan our families?

Who cares if we can't care for the kids we breed? We're helping the economy by birthing more consumers who'll, you know, consume!

It's like an email I got today from constant reader Muffy:

louk, look NBFH when I cooke sundae dinnner i dont plan ahead do i. i just grab random stuff from th shelf and slap it all in a bowell & mebbe bakke it orr miccrowaqvve or evn iron it.

its just like whateverrr arises, thats kewl, u nko?

whuts rong witth thatt anyhow all yu smartypantsis wi/ yr pansy "recipp es." faugh. jusst get overr it.

Hat-tip to Muffy's Blog for Random Parenthood.


Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

The Muffy link doesn't seem to be working.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Working on it. Thanks, VL. ; )