Sunday, February 08, 2009

Making Theocratic Talibangelical Oppression a Bright 'n Shiny Thing That's Kinda Kewl

May I introduce: the Rebelution? And its links?

Free to Be Modest.
Ladies Against Feminism
Ruining Our Lives With Fun.
Hard Things Come in Small Packages

So who's paying for all this brightness & shininess?
Just asking.


xian-x said...

According to the “Ladies Against Feminism” site, “…the world faces a potential demographic winter of underpopulation…” I hadn’t realized that there were dangerously too few people in the world, but what especially struck me about the “Blessing of Children” article was the name of the “Lady Against Feminism” who wrote it: Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.

No Blood for Hubris said...

oh my!

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for it? All the idiots who buy their shit or send them money for nothing. GOD's own grifters.