Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey. I Got a Good One. In Austria, What's the Sentence for Incest? One year. Hah.

Which is why Austrian Father of the Year Josef Fritzl plead guilty to incest and rape, don'tcha think?

But wait, there's more . . .
(warning: this story is not heart-safe:)
But the prosecutor at the packed court in St Poelten dismissed Fritzl's pleadings, saying the "real truth" was that Fritzl drugged his daughter, dragged her into the cellar and was in "complete control" of her for the next 24 years. . . .

The court was told that Fritzl imprisoned Elisabeth in a tiny pre-prepared cellar, measuring just 18 sq m (200sq ft) in August 1984, then kept her tied "on a leash" for 24 hours a day.

He eventually untied her nine months later, but only to make it easier to rape her on a daily basis. In total, he is thought to have raped Elisabeth more than 3,000 times.

Elisabeth, aged just 18 when her ordeal began, gave birth to the first of their children entirely alone, with just a self-help pregnancy book, a pair of scissors and some nappies to help her cope. Fritzl did not bother to visit her or bring supplies for the baby for 10 days after the birth.

The most disturbing part, from my point of view is this:
The details of what has been described by one state official as 'the worst criminal trial in Austria's history' are so horrific that the court is sitting for limited hours each day to avoid traumatising the jury, who are being offered counseling.


the rev. paperboy said...

The father has now pleaded guilty and will undoubtedly get a life sentence, but at 73 years of age, all that really amounts to is free health care and no need for a pension for his remaining years.

"Paging Mr. Sara! Telephone call for Sam Sara!"

No Blood for Hubris said...


While increasing Daddy's access to universal health care, prison should at least limit his access to incest, no doubt a true bummer from his p.o.v.

Anonymous said...

My heart just broke reading that. I've avoided reading more than the headlines up until now. An 18 year old. A child herself. A book and a pair of scissors. Lesser women, like me, might have been tempted to use the scissors on ourselves. Sis