Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guess I Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Thinkin' We'd Already Hit "Peak Stupid"

Yeah, I think all that "reward good behavior" stuff is um like to-tally wrongheaded.

When you find people who really suck at their jobs, the proper response is to Throw More Of Taxpayers' Money At Them!! Because -- if at first you don't succeed, try to try not succeeding AGAIN!

Because otherwise, these ruinously incompetent greedy swine would turn out to be seen as LOSERS. And then they'd default on their MORTGAGES and lose their HOUSES. And then the loudmouth wankers on MSNBC would BLAME THEM. Like LIMBAUGH.


I on the other hand feel no need to wait for MSNBC. I can blame them for being STUPID right now.

Which I, you know, just did.

; )

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