Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Heartbreak of Mirror Neuron Deficiency Syndrome

Three cases of MNDS (Mirror Neuron Deficiency Syndrome) in the news, and 2 cases of mirror neuron abundance.

Tennis pro Yelena Dokic's father proudly admits he beat her, says he did it for her sake. Then he reveals he, too, was phsically abused as a child, and asserts that multi-generational child abuse is a rilly rilly good thing. {see alice miller, sidebar].

Face transplant person, as reported by our minimizing media whore media:

Buried down on paragraph six, we finally find that face transplant recipient's facelessness was due to domestic violence: uh, that would mean, in this case, having been shot in the face by her own husband. Who received all of seven years. Wow. No doubt the Mrs. richly deserve it? 'Twas all her fault?

And here's the odious Kathleen Parker, at the forefront of the forefront of the forced maternity crowd, still wanting to cram her personal religious beliefs down the throats of all those who do not share them. Mirror-neuron deficiency syndrome (MNDS) strikes again. So much compassion for the pre-born, and none for the post-born. Let the little unwanted feti come forth be abused, neglected and then grow up to be perps and victims who perpetrate and victimize. We can't properly care for the kids we already have, so, you know, bring 'em on!

Fom the mirron-neuron-ly well-endowed Lambert at Corrente (& on to Froomkin), Torture the Fault of Peasants, Not Versailles.

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