Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sexism and Judge Sotomayor

Really, you've gotta love this.

Hat-tip to Tennessee Guerilla Women.

The evolution of headlines at the New York Times.

Sotomayor's Sharp Tongue Raises Issues of Temperament 5.28

Sotormayor's Blunt Style Raises Issues of Temperament 5.28

And then there's this one, not available online, but available as an actual newspaper arrived at our doorstep yesterday. Love that sub-head.

Assertive Style Raises Questions on Demeanor
Colleagues Call Sotomayor A Potent Force

Oh my.


Anonymous said...

More's the pity, that this uppity, race-baiting harpy can't have the gravitas, dignity and decorum of messers Scalia and Thomas. What IS this world coming to?


egalia said...

Hah. I heard that last one mentioned on a cable news show. I knew it was the same story! Guess the print readers are more sensitive to blatant sexism.