Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood Shooter Said to Be Army Psychiatrist


Army Major said to be psychiatrist treating traumatic stress who was about to be deployed to Iraq.
He had worked at Walter Reed. Just promoted to Major.


PTSD symptoms, short form:

1. Numbing and avoidance

2. Intrusive thoughts


3. Hyperarousal

panic attacks,
angry outbusts,


democommie said...

No Blood For Hubris:

But his name was Hasan, so he was a muslimofascist sleepercellof1!

The reichwing will be concentrating on his ethnicity. That's a lot easier than asking questions about troops at places like Fort Drum in NY that have a very high rate of DWI and domestic trouble. Of course there is always the chance that some of the troops were brought into the military by Bushco's lowering of the recruiting standards.

I sent you a note about a blog post at my place. I'm not sure if you got it, but if not, please consider this an invitation.

libhom said...

There are lots of crazy psychiatrists out there, in and out of the military.