Monday, November 23, 2009

Negative Future Projection and Medicare Equality for All

How we look at things matters.

How we choose to look at things matters.

How we think about things matters.

If we assume, as our fearless unelected leaders in the occult cabal clique-who-must-be-obeyed have, that outcome A is hopeless, we will clearly be unable to take steps to achieve outcome A.

This is negative future projection, and it is a cognitive style with behavioral implications.

Weirdly enough, this aberrant cognitive style has gone viral, and has nearly wiped out Medicare Equality for All, as an outcome.

It's like one of those dog-torture scenarios: delivering electric shocks that are unavoidable, so the dog sinks deeper and deeper into hopelessness, then goes belly-up, and submits and dies.

This self-appointed Steering Committee uses classic social pressure to shame and blame those who have not given in to the --[we can't achieve Medicare Equality for All] -- Cabal Core Belief with hopes that the rest of us will submit and STFU.

Besides all this narcissistic bullying, the greater problem is -- they're dead wrong.

Choosing the goal defines the plan, and the outcome.

Goal: man on moon.

Outcome: man on moon.

Goal: to fly

Outcome: flying

Goal: Medicare Equality for All

Outcome: take steps along path to goal

But unless you set the goal, it is impossible to achieve it.

Cognitive frame: flying is impossible

Outcome: none

Cognitive frame: man on moon is impossible

Outcome: none


Cognitive frame: Medicare Equality for All/ Single=pay is impossible

Outcome: na ga happen


Negative future projection about universal health care is a choice, and it is the wrong choice. It's viral social hypnosis. It's groupthink. It's cabalthink. It's bullshit.

We need to wake the f*ck up.


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democommie said...

This Megaanaustinbot is a major pain in the ass.

No Blood For Hubris:


libhom said...

These negative future projections are being made because the people who own and are high up executives in the health insurers and HMOs are major advertisers in the media outlets where they are being made.