Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2L4O? Plus--Rage Against the Old Boy Machine

Progressive Martha Coakley caught between 2L4O rock and Old Boy "Dem" Machine hard place?

Looks like the Old Boy "Dem" machine failed to turn out for Coakley.

From a Kos diarist:

. . . after the primary, everyone usually comes together. The coming together just didn't happen this time. . . . [this long-time Democratic Party worker] . . .didn't get called to campaign like she does for every other local, statewide, or national campaign. The machine volunteers did not deploy from Boston.

Yeah, let's all lather/rinse/repeat the hypnotic "she's weeeeak, she's weeak, she's weeaak" theme again. Cui bono? Coakley too liberal for the Old Boy Machine? Or does Capuano have ambitions that will be best served by trying to knock out Coakley (who beat him in the primary, and was not supposed to) at this point, so he can face Brown in 2012? Dunno.

All politics is local, turns out. Cause the Old Boys did not turn out for Martha.

The Old Boy Dems, even across blogtopia, continue to spin Martha's really excellent demonstration of good personal boundaries setting aside time to spend with her family as "lazy" because no one will notice what a sexist spin that is, since family time is just silly gurrl stuff and real men oops candidates work round the clock and ignore their families because that's how they stay big and strong.

[insert chest-pounding here.]

That uppity, uppity Coakley.

Really, who does she think she is?


BDBlue said...

I don't know if you've seen it, but I thought you might find this post on the AFL CIO blog interesting. Pretty clear that Coakley paid for Obama's embrace of the excise tax among union voters as well as organizational issues with the GOTV effort.

Your post does make me wonder if the "progressives" and Blogger Boiz would've united around Clinton or - if suddenly - McCain would've become a perfectly rationale protest vote if Hillary had been the nominee. I don't see Obama doing half as much to rally his supporters around her as she did for him. Although I admit, I'm just projecting from what crappy winners the Obama team and supporters turned out to be that they'd be even worse losers.

libhom said...

She lost because Obama and Reid have governed more like Republicans than Democrats. A lot of Democratic volunteers and voters were so demoralized that they stayed home.