Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dean Poll: pro-public option voters defeated pro-public option Coakley

This is a black swan game-changer, and really worth viewing.

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Dean says his polls show pro-public option Martha Coakley's loss in MA as protest against Obama centrism by pro-public option Dems and independents.


Dave von Ebers said...

I was really aggravated with Dean a few weeks ago when he said he wouldn’t “enthusiastically” support Obama’s reelection – not so much because he was wrong to be disappointed with the Senate health care bill, but because I thought it was a bad idea to start raising the specter of Obama losing in 2012 – but I have to say, I love to hear Dean argue a point. The guy is unflappable, and he just doesn’t back down. It’s no wonder the media were so intimidated by him in 2000. He’s there worst nightmare: A liberal who says what he means and means what he says.

Dave von Ebers said...

Of course, I meant that the media were intimidated by Dean in 2004, not 2000; and of course I meant “their,” not “there.” Jesus H. Christ. I really have to remember to hit that “preview” button before I post.

libhom said...

Dave: Unless Obama stops governing like a Republican, I won't even vote for him in 2012.