Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Talibangelical Anti-Homosexual Evangelist Snagged Hiring Hired Hand at

What if it weren't all about teh gay, and was all about those who doth protest too much?

Like Family Research Council's Dr. James Dobson, who advocated adult males showering with little boys so they could use comparing their penis sizes (no I'm not making this up) as a method of preventing them from becoming gay? He's also the guy who belt-beat his "beloved" Dachshund puppy, Sigmund, (no I'm not making that up either) in order to show who was Teh Boss.

Now there's George Reker, Dr. Dobson's choice, who, while being profoundly anti-gay in an official capacity, hired a hot blond professional "rentboy" to "help" him with the junk that's in his trunk. (Will he help him with what's in his closet?)

Dr. George Reker, co-founder of the Talibangelical "Family Research Council," sure has something on his face. Maybe it's egg.

Or, um, not.


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