Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hooked on Health Care

Hello, gentle readers of my poor neglected blog.

Blogging just isn't the same since the Bushist Fascists were finally rustled out of town. I used to think (until maybe five minutes ago, even) that it was my personal life that was posing an obstacle to blogging, and now I fear that is not so. I think it's more the Obama Letdown Syndrome, if you catch my drift. Beyond that, I won't go there. It's very very STFU. See how very shut up I am become? And of my own free will. Now, that's slick.

On an unrelated note, via the great PZ Myers of Pharyngula, a classic bit by eminent Fetus-Firster Rick Santorum, a guy good for bringing one a toothy sparkly smile:

The Frothy Mix of Lube and Feces Speaks:

Think about how they view you," he [Santorum] told the crowd of Republicans. "They view you no different than the drug dealer views the little kid in the school yard. They want to get you hooked, they want to get you dependent. They want to get you relying upon them for your wellbeing. And once they've satisfied you, giving them that drug, that narcotic, then you'll be reliant on them and, by the way, you'll also be less than what God created you to be."

Yes! They want to get you Hooked on Health Care!


Redwood said...

If I were religious, I'd respond that *God* made me Hooked on Health Care, since he's the one that made me with the Crohn's Disease...

No Blood for Hubris said...

Yes, exactly.