Monday, October 17, 2011

NY Times Publishes Debbie Nathan's Shameless Smear of Wilbur, Sybil

Yes, Virginia, all those bad memories were lies you made up. Oh, and your therapist did, too. Mommies and Daddies never do bad stuff to kids. Why would they?

Oh, and don't read all the bad stories on this bad blog about all those bad things Mommies and/or Daddies and/or boyfriends did to their kids and toddlers and babies. No big deal, so never mind.

Debbie Nathan has written a wonderful article that will make all your false bad memories go away! Poof! Like magic!

Trauma-based dissociation doesn't exist, because Debbie Nathan said so!


So there!

(I do wonder, does Cornelia Wilbur, M.D., have an estate to sue Ms Nathan for defamation of character? Or is Wilbur just too conveniently dead for that?)

We must all wonder who benefits from such deficient crackpot articles but our ever-present pro-pedophile propaganda lobby?


democommie said...

Dear No Blood For Hubris:

Reptilicans always choose enemies that are powerless, who's more powerless than the dead?

Dave von Ebers (you might remember him from "Jesus' General") just sent me this link:

It's good to know that Mitt is not adept at hiring people who can only destroy companies.

democommie said...

Well, shit, that should have read;

"It's good to know that Mitt is not just adept at hiring people who can only destroy companies."

No Blood for Hubris said...