Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan Loves to Rip Nesting Catfish Moms off Nest; Kills Mom, Deals Death to Widdle Helpless Fishie Babies

(Hat-tip to General JC Christian, Patriot)

It's called "noodling catfish."
A cover-up phrase, like "collateral damage."

In Missouri, hand-catching catfish is illegal, for a whole bunch of reasons, here.
It's bad for the catfish, decimates their numbers.  Sort of like catching a lobster with eggs.

But proud "pro-lifer" Ryan feels that freedom to catch and kill and eat nesting catfish is an important freedom.

No, really, he thinks that.

Quoth pro-life catfish killer Ryan:

I love Texas. You know why I love Texas? Because you love your freedom."
 Ryan said he planned to head to Oklahoma on Sunday and take his children fishing on Lake Texoma, then indulge in another favorite activity in the afternoon: “I’m going to go out with some of my Okie friends, and I’m going to do something that I’ve been doing for a number of years, and that’s called noodling catfish.
“And I want to say something to you Texans — because you understand freedom, you now legally recognize a man’s right to catch a catfish with his own bare hands.”

Paul Ryan--a special guy.

A special guy on a special ticket:  Traumatized Dog Shits Self While Caged On Car Roof Speeding Down Highway Guy//PLUS//Nesting Mama FishKilla With Bare Hands Jolly Good Fun Freeedom Dude.

Okay, then.

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