Friday, February 19, 2016


For many years and until not long ago, but self-identified here on this very blog as a lifelong Dem, social Democrat, Bernie Sanders-style.

On this very blog, I supported him to be Hillary's VP.
Thought they would be a strong ticket, create a landslide, win White House, win back Congress.

Since then, stuff has happened.

Sexist crap from his Sarandonista supporters, framing HRC ppl as just voting with their vaginas for a vagina.  Eew.  Then smearing Albright and Steinem.

And then, much much worse, it seems that all sorts of weird crap is not just from BernieBro supporters, but is (and has been) coming out of Bernie Sanders' very own mouth.  Good God.

I had not known.

I do know now.

I'm not supporting Sanders any more.


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