Friday, February 12, 2016

It's the Vitriol, Stupid!

You just can't shut up the Fauxgressives, can you?

Great recent diary from DKos slamming feminist icons. 

You can almost smell the Molotov cocktails, feel the shards of crystal glass shattering all around one, hear the roars of the mob as they drag these uppity old bitches to the guillotine.

You can almost envision mobbists throwing ropes up on the statues of the icons, catching the stone heads of the great statues, pulling, pulling, pulling them down. 

Before the gleaming guillotine, are being flayed before being slain.  You almost dance around while hearing their pathetic girly screams while losing several strips, each by each, bit by bit.

Oh, then come the deeper, bigger-girly screams.  Oh yes.

You can note the mob's orgasmic sighs, their deeply joyous satisfaction, the passion of the flayers, the agonies of the flayed, crowing crowd agog with just so much ecstatic celebration! We're pulling down the mighty! Make them repay their evil deeds!

There's something really rotten on the leftie side of the political spectrum--so far left it's turning right.

It's the mad-dog #Sarandonistas, jack-booted shrieky "Socialist" (Stalinist?) thugs who strut and foam and scream, demanding all of us to submit and do their bidding.   

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