Monday, February 29, 2016

Supporting Hillary's Coalition Is the Radical Act

Regarding this coalition as somehow inherently "less-than" is reactionary.

Who are these reactionaries?  White males--privileged white males.

Double whammied white males--privileged by whiteness, privileged by maleness.

Oh, make that a triple whammy--privileged by whiteness, maleness, high socio-economic status.
That's who's doing the #eewSheDevil thing.
I'm not even talking about the GOP; I'm talking about supposedly librul lefties.  Limousine liberal males, blogosphere blogger boyz, those people--spewing the nastiest sexist racist crap ever, in a frenzy of Clinton Derangement Syndrome Ebola 2016.2.

Who votes for Hillary?

Indeed, it is a Stone Soup Cauldron filled with lots of less-thans

The Blogger-Boyz (okay, so one of them is a girl) just can't stand it.  

I know this because I listened in the other day, dropped by their smoke-filled rooms.  Plotting, plotting, intent on bringing the #SheDevil down.

"Pimp-slap them uppity bitches!" 
"Bring 'em down!"

No doubt a special place in hell awaits them.

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