Sunday, July 10, 2005

What's Wrong With These People? Really?

The defining characteristic of the American Taliban Reichwing is: hysteria. Yes, Dr. Freud, we're talking about hysteria: shrill, rabid-foaming-at-the-mouth Freeperstyle hysteria. What's up with that? one wonders. What's wrong with these people? Really, what is wrong with them?

Note that I'm not talking actual Republicans here--if there are any left, if they, like true liberal Republicans (remember them? the sentimental dodoes of American politics?) haven't all been killed and replaced with pod people.

Equal parts panic and fury--what's driving this? Reichwingers rail against gay marriage as if the very fabric of their universe were being actively shredded by Mr. and Mr. Jeff 'n Karl; as if Mrs. and Mrs. Andrea 'n Nancy and their ilk were viciously breaking down the doors of Freeper bedrooms all across America with their bloody powersaws on a nightly basis.

Which, I opine, is not the case.

The posts, like scat, they leave behind on liberal blogs are all the same: one poster says the same damn crap as the others. Then, each poster replies to varying liberal replies with the same damn cant. Shriek! LIBRULS! Broads? Ewk! Make it so they can't divorce me! Waaa! I wanna big strong punitive Daddy figure!

[Interlude: Since when did Dirty Bush become any kind of father figure? Plunk! He falls off a segway! Plish! He falls off a bicycle! Plish, plish! He falls off another bicycle! Gork! He chokes on an innocent snack food!]

Waa! I need an authoritarian-protective Daddy figure! Waa! Don't tell ME to sign up or shut up! Waa--I'm licking envelopes for the war against the libruls! Waa! Don't call ME a Yellow Elephant! Waa! I'm scared shitless, so let's blow up some frogs! Beat up on some blogs! Shoot some dogs!

Oow! I'm scared shitless, ok, so, let's invade somewhere. Anywhere! I'm scared shitless, so let's beat up some prisoners! Make 'em cry, so I don't have to!

"Make 'em cry, so I don't have to?"?

Oh-ho. Now there's a thought.

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