Monday, December 26, 2016

Plus c'est la meme chose

A lot has happened since that last post.
I have not posted for um well reasons.

I shall post again.

Just sayin'.

The really sad thing is that much of the recent crap re: HRC is the same crap I've written about before.  Thus, until I write again, please read what I've already written.  Or not.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Worker Organizing, Si! Women Organizing, No!

It's fine to organize workers.
It's not fine to organize women.

Which leads to #FauxgressiveFascisti demonizing Madeleine Albright.

How dare she organize women?

How dare she suggest that women support other women?

The nerve!

 Candidate Sanders' [male] privilege asserts the non-existence of [female] un-privilege:

I don't go around, no one has ever heard me say, 'Hey guys, let's stand together, vote for a man.'  I would never do that, never have.

Well, of course not.


Supporting Hillary's Coalition Is the Radical Act

Regarding this coalition as somehow inherently "less-than" is reactionary.

Who are these reactionaries?  White males--privileged white males.

Double whammied white males--privileged by whiteness, privileged by maleness.

Oh, make that a triple whammy--privileged by whiteness, maleness, high socio-economic status.
That's who's doing the #eewSheDevil thing.
I'm not even talking about the GOP; I'm talking about supposedly librul lefties.  Limousine liberal males, blogosphere blogger boyz, those people--spewing the nastiest sexist racist crap ever, in a frenzy of Clinton Derangement Syndrome Ebola 2016.2.

Who votes for Hillary?

Indeed, it is a Stone Soup Cauldron filled with lots of less-thans

The Blogger-Boyz (okay, so one of them is a girl) just can't stand it.  

I know this because I listened in the other day, dropped by their smoke-filled rooms.  Plotting, plotting, intent on bringing the #SheDevil down.

"Pimp-slap them uppity bitches!" 
"Bring 'em down!"

No doubt a special place in hell awaits them.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Young Revolutionary (sic) Bernie Sanders's Misses Entire Point of the Women's Liberation Movement

The whole thing is not about Bernie and Hillary.
It's about unpacking the backpack of male privilege.
How uncomfortable might it be to acknowledge that?

Bernie Sanders' problem--his old school Leninist view that somehow women's issues will be automatically solved by the socialist revolution. 

"Goodbye, goodbye. 
To hell with the simplistic notion that automatic freedom for women—or nonwhite peoples—will come about  zap! with the advent of a socialist revolution. 
        Two evils pre-date capitalism and clearly have been able to survive and post-date                                              socialism: sexism and racism. "

"Goodbye to All That, " R. Morgan, 1970.

The analysis above, from Robin Morgan, was available to Bernie Sanders in 1970.
Bernie was around then.  How could he entirely unaware of the women's movement?

It's really odd, when you think of it--someone who thinks of himself as so dedicated and so political but he completely misses the point of a major social movement? 

And 46 years later, supposedly progressive candidate Bernie Sanders says:

"I don't go around, no one has ever heard me say, 'Hey guys, let's stand together, vote for a man.' I would never do that, never have."

That's not just clueless, that's crazy.

Quick, someone send him a copy of Giardina's "Marxism Without Male Supremacy."

Friday, February 19, 2016


For many years and until not long ago, but self-identified here on this very blog as a lifelong Dem, social Democrat, Bernie Sanders-style.

On this very blog, I supported him to be Hillary's VP.
Thought they would be a strong ticket, create a landslide, win White House, win back Congress.

Since then, stuff has happened.

Sexist crap from his Sarandonista supporters, framing HRC ppl as just voting with their vaginas for a vagina.  Eew.  Then smearing Albright and Steinem.

And then, much much worse, it seems that all sorts of weird crap is not just from BernieBro supporters, but is (and has been) coming out of Bernie Sanders' very own mouth.  Good God.

I had not known.

I do know now.

I'm not supporting Sanders any more.


She Doesn't Vote With Her Vagina

What she said.    Yep. That's what she said.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's the Vitriol, Stupid!

You just can't shut up the Fauxgressives, can you?

Great recent diary from DKos slamming feminist icons. 

You can almost smell the Molotov cocktails, feel the shards of crystal glass shattering all around one, hear the roars of the mob as they drag these uppity old bitches to the guillotine.

You can almost envision mobbists throwing ropes up on the statues of the icons, catching the stone heads of the great statues, pulling, pulling, pulling them down. 

Before the gleaming guillotine, are being flayed before being slain.  You almost dance around while hearing their pathetic girly screams while losing several strips, each by each, bit by bit.

Oh, then come the deeper, bigger-girly screams.  Oh yes.

You can note the mob's orgasmic sighs, their deeply joyous satisfaction, the passion of the flayers, the agonies of the flayed, crowing crowd agog with just so much ecstatic celebration! We're pulling down the mighty! Make them repay their evil deeds!

There's something really rotten on the leftie side of the political spectrum--so far left it's turning right.

It's the mad-dog #Sarandonistas, jack-booted shrieky "Socialist" (Stalinist?) thugs who strut and foam and scream, demanding all of us to submit and do their bidding.   

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Anti-Clinton Backlash in NH: Fueled by GOPs Infiltrating Dem Primary

So from the Washington Times we have a helluva story, it's all about the anti-Clinton backlash in NH and indeed that's what the story's all about.

Except it isn't.  First, there's a guy who sez that he's ok with Bernie.

He also states he's good with all the others--except Hillary.

ALL the others.

Yes, he's good with ALL the others--Cruz, Jeb, The Donald, Carly, Kasich,

Christie, Marco every single rabid one of them -- and yep he's good with Bernie.

The only one he cannot live with is -- you guessed it!  #eewSheDevil

Sound like any Dem you know?  Doesn't sound like any Dem that I know.

If you check his name on twitter, you get a guy who tweets solely about going to see--GOPs. Many GOPs.  Okeydoke

Going on, the next guy's quite the same.  Not a Dem against the Demon Hill. Not even someone who's ok with Bernie, as the first guy (mendaciously, it seems) claimed.

No, he's only voting to bring down the #eewSheDevil.

So whose idea was it to flood the Democratic primary with GOP-adoring so-called Independents?

That takes planning.

Round up the usual suspects.

Sorry that about the grubby graphics.
I'm rusty at blogging;  gave it up during the O years.

Pardon me.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Barely News: Sanders Supporters Shouted 'She's a Liar' at Hillary on Caucus Night

Barely News: Sanders Supporters Shouted 'She's a Liar' at Hillary on Caucus Night: Five items found at the Politico filed late Monday or early Tuesday reported that supporters of Bernie Sanders at the Iowa caucuses, while watching a live feed of Hillary Clinton's speech late Monday evening, began chanting 'She's a liar!' The chants grew until they 'took over the room,' and didn't stop until Sanders campaign officials cut off the live feed being shown. This is barely news in the rest of the establishment press, which has obsessed over the Ben Carson-Ted Cruz-CNN controversy, devoting an obviously inordinate amount of time to it and, as Cruz himself has shown, getting it wrong in the process.

Just When I Thought I Was Out,

They Pull Me Back In.

Dismissive little article by Gail S. [shrug]

Sady Doyle:

"I’ve come to believe that, in some ways, saying nice things about Hillary Clinton is a subversive act. I spent much of this year working on a long project on how women are demonized in the media. Hillary Clinton was a fairly large part of that story – she had to be; if you want to talk “women that people hate,” she’s kind of unavoidable – and I spent a while sorting through Clintoniana, dating back to the early ‘90s, to find nasty things people had said about her, or common narratives about her personality. It wasn’t pretty – the worst stuff for Hillary was way worse than I’d expected, and there was way more of it than I expected to find – but it was also illuminating, in some key ways. I got a better sense of the pressures that she has to live with, and how they’ve informed her decisions.

Hillary Clinton is the impossible woman. The pressures she lives under, every moment of her life, are so numerous and so all-encompassing that she barely has room to breathe. She doesn’t have an inch of leeway, a single safe option; there is no version of Hillary Clinton that won’t receive visceral hatred, and loud, personal criticism."