Saturday, June 25, 2005

As Long As I'm Here, I May As Well Blog?

Very well, then. Let's discuss the torture thing. You know, as in the interesting question of why-don't-all-these-so-called-"moral"-rightwingers NOT GET that leaving people to marinate in their own excrement is, um, like, WRONG.

As in the dualistic notion: RIGHT VS. WRONG.

You'd think they'd get it. But you'd be wrong.

You'd think they'd get it just because they're always shrieking about evil this, evil that, evil doers, evil evil evil.

If their little Fidos and Fluffies were dragged down to Guantanamo, and some BAD PERSON left the liddle widdle fluffies to marinate in their own crap, there would be hell to pay, would there not?

But here's the thing: the Bushistfascistaliban, via Rumsfeld, has managed to create a new class of sub-humans: the BAAAAAD GUYS OF GITMO.

Gee, would that be a kinda Nazi kinda theme? Yes, Virginia, it would. Creating a special class of beings for whom the rule of law can cheerily be suspended without anyone feeling bad about it is indeed a Nazi kinda thing. And a Pol-Pot-ish kinda thing. And a Red Guard kinda thing. (I can get away with saying this kinda thing because I'M NOT A DEMOCRATIC SENATOR, am I?)

And that's how it is. So far.

Friday, June 24, 2005

How did this happen?

All I was trying to do was post a rant at somebody else's blog, and all of a sudden I'm a blog? Or rather, I'm blogging? What are the rules about non-consensual blogging?

I'm confused.