Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Important Word from Our General

Whatta concept!

Make little kids attack their adult attackers!

[Rallians who prefer to hyperfocus on drone deaths, deaths which are highly superior to all other forms of death and suffering, are invited to turn off their mirror neurons now.]

Hey, Moms & Dads & Kids! It's OK to Have Defective Mirror Neurons! Ted Rall Said So!

I dunno, I just get all turned inside out, I really get my panties in a twist when people I think of as oh you know kinda librul and kinda well-informed and kinda on the side of you know um like compassion or something, admittedly under unbearable pressure from the continual suffering of samsara (look it up; not the perfume), say stuff that just makes no f***ing sense.

I expect stuff that makes no f***ing sense from Bork and Cheney and Ryan and Bachmann, et al., I don't expect it from Ted Rall. I expect progressiveness, not faux-gressiveness, and I certainly neither expect nor want faux-gressive fascism masquerading as Uber Moral High Ground.  Silly me.

Actually, I tell a lie.  I do expect it from sha-touched cartoonist Ted Rall. I didn't used to, but now I do.


"We Don't Have the Right to Care"? Excuse me?

Okay, right, drones trump twats, Rall's made that very clear. Yeah, it's a boy thing, missiles? Yeah, right, boy toys! Phallic stuff!

Phallic stuff counts, don't you get it? He knows which way the moral compass is pointed, and it's his guy way or the highway, because, you know, Rall.

Guess what? Drones trump massacres! Even kiddy massacres! Why?

Because Rall said so!

So, if you're out there looking to toe the line on permissible compassion, be sure to follow Rall. He'll be happy to bully you in the name of his sacred sexist nihilist dogma, because, why should he not?

In the immortal words of George III: "I desire the good, therefore all those who disagree with me are traitors."