Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Not Calling Ted Rall A Gender-Biased FauxGressive

Just kidding.

Of course I am.

Take a look at this.

It's not Rall's most sexist and dismissive cartoon;  it's just his most recent dismissive and sexist cartoon.

Carrying on his fab tradition in which drones trump vaginas.  You get it, do you not?  Left side:  lazy selfish superficial American female harping on trivial girlie issue.  Right side:  drone victim! Blood! Death!  Real suffering! It's obvious where the moral center lies, right?  Hint:  it's not with that superficial selfish broad! 

Really, if Rall weren't such a self-proclaimed atheist, you'd think he must have been a Catholic priest in a past life.   Or lives.  Come to think of it, his current self-conception wouldn't contradict that frame, would it?

You can't be progressive if you're against freedom of reproduction, dude.


Ted Rall
Universal Press Syndicate
Sep 19, 2012


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Ted Rall said...

No human being is more pro-choice than me.

What I am saying in this cartoon is that it is immoral to endorse someone evil--Obama, the drone murderer--to protect your own rights. Would you vote for Hitler if he were pro-choice?

Don't vote for Romney either.

Don't vote.


Demand federal legalization of abortion. Then the Democrats won't be able to threaten us with right-wing Supreme Court justices taking away abortion rights.