Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Wanting to Waste One's Barbara Bush-esque Beautiful Mind et alia

on much more Woody, one has found an article which says pretty much what one woulda said had one spent one's time on him, so do read this here article, a fine analysis of Woody's response, his no mea culpa published in the New York Times.  Sleazy dude.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Woody or Woodn't He?

One has not blogged here for a looong time, but one fears the Woody thing may change that.  One shall see.

It's that rape culture thing, one just can't quit reviling it.  Well, one could, but why would one?

Heeeee-ere's Woody!  Oh no, wait, heeeee-ere's Woody! 

And heeeeee-re's a fun primary source.

And here's a re-cap of problems for Allen that won't be going away.

Of interest to yours truly:  that Ms Farrow, post Soon-Yi,  had been very generous in offering visitation to Mr. Allen.  Allen had already been attending therapy to address and to change his history of inappropriate behaviors toward Dylan.

During a visit on August 4th, Ms Farrow was away from home with a friend, Casey Pascal. Farrow's children were being supervised by Ms Groteke, and her friend Casey's babysitter Ms. Stickland was looking after the 3 Pascal children.

There was also a French tutor in the home.  The French tutor testified that on that day she found Dylan had had no underpants on. 

Ms. Stickland told her employer, Ms Pascal, on that day, that she had seen something that bothered her.  It was this:  having gone into a room looking for one of the children, she saw Allen kneeling down in front of Dylan, his head in Dylan's lap.

For fifteen or twenty minutes that day, Ms. Groteke, Ms. Farrow's nanny, was unable to locate either Dylan Farrow or Woody Allen.  Dylan Farrow says that she knows where they were and that she remembers very well what happened.

Allen says she's mistaken.  Well, he didn't say exactly that, but, you know, brainwashed, making it up, a thought disorder, la la la.

And this statement by Mr. Allen's experts:  “We believe that Dylan’s statements on videotape and her statements to us during our evaluation do not refer to actual events that occurred to her on August 4th, 1992.”

They heard what the little girl said.  They decided the events she spoke of weren't actual.  Okay.