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"Are You Going to Man Up, Or Just Lie There and Bleed?"

This is from the NYT on the phrase, "man up."

Yes, Virginia, flagrantly gender-biased language remains invisible, because sexism just, well, you know, it just is how things is, isn't it?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

NBFH to Corporate Sickness Profiteers: Drop Dead

So. So. So.

So I had a family member with a potentially life-threatening condition who needed an ultrasound, two ultrasounds, in fact. The employer through whom our family has health insurance dropped our secondary coverage on July 1, saying they could no longer afford to provide a secondary coverage benefit, essentially giving us a $4K cut in salary.

So our family's health insurance serf-slave had to drop PPO coverage, and get into a HMO just to keep some benefits. These "benefits" cost us ~$1400 month.

So today we get a bill for $375 out of the blue, for the first ultrasound. The first ultrasound cost $504 at our local hospital. Corporate Sickness Profiteer paid all of $125 of this. Remember, our family is paying them $16,800 for "coverage," and now, it turns out, we must absorb a $4000 deductible in addition for services such as this ultrasound. Oh, and the CSP would have reimbursed more if sick person with potentially life-threatening condition had been driven sixty miles away to have ultrasound at a "cheaper" hospital.

So really the first $20K of earnings (which is nearly all of earnings from this employer) is going to CSP to provide us sh*tty coverage.

Question is -- serf-slave is working there, why? Serf-slave is paying extortionate rates to CSP because, why?

Serf-slave will be better off unemployed, serf-slave thinketh.

What thinketh our gentle readerth?